Saturday, January 02, 2010

Auld Lang Syne..

Wishing everyone a very happy new year, if anyone still reads this, that is. I don't blame noone.I haven't visited my blog page in the last year and a half. And it does feel like I have almost forgotten to write anything cohesively. For starts, I spent my new years all by myself, in the warm confines of my apartment without meeting anybody. Now Is that a good start to the year, well I do hope it is and that the rest of the year won't be so lonely and that it would be more fun and cheerful. I thought I'll make a start with writing a post and here it is.. To a merry , happy, prosperous 2010, Cheers :)


Spica said...

Happy New Year, LP! We do read your blog!! So keep it coming!

Arthi said...

yes start writing again! just re-read your previous post...the match 2 years ago didnt really mark the end of an era...Federer just seems to be getting better all the time :-)

Sangs said...

i happen to look at a few old emails and i stumbled on ur blog link..! what an irony there seems to be a post after a long hibernation! Restart the writing .. L.P